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Where Can I See or Hear Dr. Tyson?

Dr. Tyson is frequently asked to speak, teach, or write on various aspects of eating disorders; in fact, he is eager to do so.  Here is a list of upcoming and recent events, talks, and publications he has written or in which he is featured.


10 Things I Wish Doctors Would Know About Eating Disorders. Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue. Summer 2014.

How to Define Recovery. Perspectivesa Professional Journal of the Renfrew Foundation. Summer 2014. p. 10-11.
J O’Toole, E Tyson. “Is there really a need for full weight restoration as the primary aim of treatment?—A Debate.” Advances in Eating Disorders, Vol. 2, No.1. March 2014


Intuitive Eating Pros: Twitter Tweetchat for AED.  Medical Stabilization and Eating Disorders.  December 10, 2014 at 2:30 CST

If It Walks Like a Duck?...Is It An Eating Disorder or Not?  Keynote presentation with Jennifer Gaudiani, MD.  IAEDP Symposium.  Phoenix, AZ.  March 22, 2015

Past Presentations:

'Who Ya' Gonna Call?':  How Non-Physicians (& Physicians, too) Can Detect Serious Medical Issues in Eating Disorders-And
What to Do About It.  6th New Hampshire Eating Disorders Conference, Plymouth State University, Sept. 26, 2014.

The 411 On When to Call 911: What Non-Physicians (and Physicians) Need to Know About Medical Complications of EDs
Keynote Address, Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association.  Norman, OK. Sept. 12, 2014

Athletes and Eating Disorders—Special Considerations for a Special Population. Preferred Providers Meeting.  Castlewood Treatment Centers. St. Louis, MO. June 20, 2014

Special Issues in Adolescents with Eating Disorders. Rosewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center. Wickenburg, AZ. May 2, 2014

Medical Stabilization- Child to Young Adult. The Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia. 2013-2014 Webinar Series for Professionals. March 21, 2014

What Doctors Need to Know About Eating Disorders.  Pediatric Grand Rounds.  Medical University of South Carolina. Charleston, SC. Feb. 21, 2014

Medical Issues in Eating Disorders—for Everyone (3-hour workshop).   Integrated Approaches to the Complexity of Eating Disorders, Renfrew Conference, Philadephia, PA. November 8, 2013.

Running Into Trouble—Eating Disorders and Athletes. SF Bay area IAEDP.  Walnut Creek, CA. September 13, 2013

If It Walks Like a Duck?...Is It An Eating Disorder or Not?  Co-presenter with Pamela Carlton, M.D. IAEDP Symposium 2013. International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Las Vegas, NV. March 23, 2013

Is Everything OK?  How Physicians (& Non-Physicians) Can Use AED’s New Guide to Medical Assessment to Better Manage Eating Disorders. Eating Disorder Recovery Support’s 2013 Conference. Petaluma, CA. February 8, 2013