Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders


Here are testimonials about Dr. Tyson from former patients, their family members, advocates and professionals in the field:

Former patients and family members:

My eating disorder was my way to escape from the problems in my life. It gave me something concrete on which to direct my energy and it provided me with a great sense of control. Also, since I believed that I deserved to be punished, the pain and suffering that the eating disorder created was quite satisfying. My family and friends didn’t understand what I was experiencing, nor did they understand my behaviors. I felt alone and scared. I didn’t want to live anymore. Then, I was fortunate to receive the medical intervention that ultimately saved my life. Initially I was extremely resistant to the help because it was hard for me to trust anyone. Giving up my eating disorder was like jumping off of a cliff... I had to blindly trust that someone would catch me. Dr. Tyson “caught” me... he not only provided life-saving medical intervention (just in time), he also worked with my nutritionist and therapist to coordinate my comprehensive care until I was healthy enough to terminate treatment. He is more than just a standard medical doctor; he goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure each of his patients receives individual care that best accommodates his/her medical and emotional needs. So, take a leap of faith. You have found the right doctor and you are certainly worth Dr. Tyson’s effort. One day, you will know this to be true and you will be the one who is helping someone else.
Doctoral Student

Dr. Tyson was the first physician to accurately evaluate her condition; he was also the first physician that my daughter could not fool, as his experience enabled him to see through the defenses, disguises, and denial so common among patients with anorexia. Dr. Tyson's ability to understand and treat the anorexic mindset was a critical element in my daughter's recovery.

When inpatient treatment became necessary to save my daughter's life, Dr. Tyson's first-hand knowledge of treatment facilities proved invaluable. Today my daughter is healthy, happy, and successful. It was only with Dr. Tyson’s help that she was able to get well and to maintain her recovery.

Professionals and Advocates:

The state of Texas is lucky to have one of the nation's absolute best eating disorder doctors. Ed Tyson, M.D. knows eating disorders from the inside out. I recommend him often!
-Jenni Schaefer
Author, Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life

The first words that come to my mind when I think of Dr. Tyson are intelligence, warmth, compassion, diligence, and competence. I have yet to meet a physician that knows more about the medical consequences and treatment of eating disorders, and who is more willing to help a fellow physician. Therefore, whenever I am faced with a challenging medical concern for one of my patients, he is really the first person I want to call for consultation. Dr. Tyson always makes himself available to me to provide feedback, information, and suggestions. This help and support are valuable to me beyond what words can describe.

Complimenting his vast medical knowledge is a warmth and depth in his personality that is greatly appreciated by those who know him. I have treated several of Dr. Tyson’s patients when they have required residential treatment. Dr. Tyson’s patients consistently report a high degree of compassion, understanding and competence in the care that Dr. Tyson provides for them. To say it simply, his patients, as well as their family members, greatly appreciate Dr. Tyson and have consistently reported that he provides outstanding treatment.

I would highly recommend and without reservation Dr. Tyson as an extremely grounded and well-rounded physician who not only displays a superior knowledge base, but also a level of compassion that is rare. I would consider anyone who has the pleasure to work with him as a colleague, or to receive care from him as a patient, as quite fortunate.
-Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD

I have since referred many families to Dr. Tyson and they have all commented on his professional approach and his ability to personally connect with his patients and identify specific medical issues along with providing education for the patient and family. In fact, in my parent support group, he is hailed as “The Life Saver.”

Even though it is a long drive for my clients and their families, they realize how important it is to receive the level of specialized care that he provides. Often times I hear families express frustration with the fact that they can’t see a local psychiatrist or family physician, but they come to realize the ED illness is more complex than the majority of medical and health care professionals have been trained to treat. The message I convey to the families is, ”If their child was diagnosed with a problematic and difficult to treat cancer would they approach the search for the best care in the same way?”  What I and many others know for sure is that Dr. Ed Tyson truly is a lifeline for so many E.D. patients in both Louisiana and Texas.
-Lee Khoury, LPC, LMFT
Lake Charles, LA

Much of what I know and practice comes from working with Dr. Tyson. He is in a class by himself! I admire his commitment to the young women and men who suffer with eating disorders as well as their families. I have not found anyone like him to work with since he left Oklahoma City. I continue to consult with him today about my clients. I often recommend that a client make the drive to Austin for an evaluation and recommendation for treatment with Dr. Tyson. Each time a client has gone to see Dr. Tyson, they have said they were pleased. He gave them hope and help to recover. He is a valuable resource for any therapist, medical doctor, or other professional working with eating disorder clients. I would encourage anyone with an eating disorder or who knows someone with an eating disorder to contact him.
-Beverly Compton-Amos, LPC
Norman, Oklahoma

As an outpatient psychotherapist in Lincoln, Nebraska specializing in eating disorders, I regularly encounter medically challenged clients. Dr. Ed Tyson has provided consistently helpful and accurate consultation for my clients and my practice. I am grateful for and respect his medical acumen and to my knowledge, there is no one with his skills in my region, so I consult him on particularly complex and difficult clinical presentations. His expertise helps to provide understanding and knowledge to professionals and clients alike, especially if one does not have available community-based resources. Dr. Tyson has helped in the recovery and effective treatment planning for numerous of my eating-disordered clients. I think the world of him and would definitely recommend his services!
-Lynn Marcus, MA, CPC, LMHP, NCC
Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr Tyson’s breadth of knowledge and depth of experience, combined with his ability to connect with his patients make him a gift to the field of eating disorders. He recognizes the family component in what his patients are struggling with and works with all of them towards recovery. Dr Tyson is always available to his patient when they have concerns or questions which is unique in this field. I will often look to his clinical expertise in my own work with this population. Dr. Tyson is a true gift to this field and more importantly, to individuals with Eating Disorders wanting recovery.
-Janna Straley, MA, MFT
Vancouver, CA